Following in the footsteps of Art House America, Art House Dallas works to cultivate creativity for the common good. This work is done through our programs, curated events, community partnerships, and artist care in order to inspire everyone to live more imaginative, meaningful lives. Through nurturing a creative community of people who learn, grow, and create together, we believe good things result -- good things meant for all. In 2019, Art House Dallas will open a new facility in Dallas to serve as an incubator for imagination as well as provide a physical location for artists to connect and create together. 

For extra information, please read Charlie Peacock's blog entry, "Creative Community for the Common Good,"  which includes his vision:

"Like a farm that nurtures good health, Art House America is in the business of cultivating creative people who bring good health to people and planet. Sometimes these creative people are artists in the most traditional sense — makers of music, theater, films, dance, paintings, and metalwork. You know the kind. With the word 'art' in our name you know we take this seriously. Just as important, though, is our work of encouraging everyone, in everything, to live imaginative and meaningful lives. We really do believe that every human being is made to be a creative contributor, to play his or her role in the artful, meaningful life of caring for people and planet. We really do believe, along with C.S. Lewis, that the imagination is the 'organ of meaning,' and that its fruit is creativity of every kind. What’s the Art House about? It’s about: Cultivating creative community for the common good — encouraging everyone to live imaginative and meaningful lives."

Art House Dallas is proud to be a part of the Art House America network. Click on the icons below to learn more about the good work happening at Art House North in St. Paul, MN as well as at the incredible literary blog, the virtual Art House, at www.arthouseamerica.com