About Our Events

Welcome to Art House Dallas! Art House is in the business of cultivating creative people for the good of the community. These creative people are artists in the most traditional sense — makers of music, films, dance, paintings — and everything in between. We  believe that every human being is made to be a creative contributor.  We each play a role in the artful and meaningful care of both people and planet. Our work is to encourage everyone to live imaginative and meaningful lives in all that they do. You can learn more about who we are and what we do by clicking on the links below. 


At Art House Dallas, we want our events to be opportunities for all to experience creative growth in community. Because we realize event costs can be prohibitive for some, we offer need-based Art House Dallas scholarships to provide financial assistance for those who wish to attend. Scholarship awards vary, depending on the cost of the event and the level of need. Apply for a scholarship here.